Foreign nationals who want to obtain a residence permit in the Republic of Albania (RS) should justify the purpose of coming to Albania like employment / self-employment,  study , family reunion etc.The foreigner applying for a residence permit, at the moment of the application must have the list documentation specified in Decision no. 513, dated 13.06.2013 of the Council of Ministers “On the determination of the criteria, procedures and documentation for the entry, stay and treatment of foreigners in the Republic of Albania”.For all the above cases, nationals from countries that are not required to have a visa apply directly to obtaining a residence permit. All other nationals who are eligible to apply for a residence permit must be provided with a residence visa.

Residence permit through employment
Residence Permit-Family Reunion
Residence Permit-Humanitarian
Residence permit-Study purposes
Residence permit- Working in NGO

If you are a citizen of any of the above-mentioned states, employed and willing to stay in Albania more than 90 days within 180 days, then you should follow the below steps and obtain the following listed documents:

1. For the citizens of the above-mentioned states who are willing to be employed in Albania, please note that they may sign the Employment Agreement with an Albanian company only if the company has published in the Local Labor Office the notice for Vacancy Position for at least 4 weeks and within this period no offer for employment from the Labor Office has been provided. After fulfilling the condition mentioned in the first sentence, the employer has the right to sign the Employment Agreement and the foreigner or his/her representatives (by means of Power of Attorney) within 8 days period should submit the application for Work Permit.

2. Upon the issue of the Work Permit document (which is issued within 30 days), you have the right to apply for Type D visa before the Albanian Embassy / Consulate located in the cities as specified in the table above. For this procedure the main document needed is the Invitation Letter which is provided from an Albanian citizen or a foreigner with Albanian Residence Permit (respectively 1-year Residence Permit).

 3. After obtaining the Type D visa and entering Albania territory, the foreigner should submit the Application for Residence Permit before the Border and Migration Offices. Please note that the application for Residence Permit must be submitted no later than 30 days following his/her LAST ENTRY in Albanian territory.If the foreigner has stayed in Albania more than 30 days please consider to visit one of our border states and reentering our country in order to have a new entry date in Albania.

Foreigner citizens who are registered as employee in Albania or who are willing to be employed in Albania, according the Law “On Foreigners”, are granted with the right to apply and obtain Albanian Residence Permit. As the procedure differs based on the nationality, kindly find here below an explanation about the procedure for the citizens of the following countries:

STATEAlbanian Embassy in:STATEAlbanian Embassy in:
AfghanistanAnkara, IstanbulMalawiCairo, Istanbul
AntiguaandBarbuda*LondonMauritaniaCairo, Istanbul
Armenia *Ankara, MoscowMauritius *London
Azerbaijan *Ankara, MoscowMexico *Rome
Bahamas *LondonMoldaviaBucharest, Sophie, Ankara,
BahrainRiyadh, DohaMongoliaMoscow, Beijing
BangladeshBeijingMoroccoBucharest, Paris
Barbados *LondonMozambiqueCairo, Istanbul
BelizeLondonNamibiaCairo, Istanbul
BelorussiaMoscow, WarsawNepalBeijing
BeninParisNicaragua *Rome
BoliviaBrasiliaNigeriaCairo, Istanbul
BotswanaParisOmanRiyadh, Abu Dhabi
Brunei *Rome, RiyadhPakistanCairo, Istanbul
Burkina FasoRomePalestineCairo, Istanbul
CambodiaBeijingPanama *Rome
CameronCairoParaguay *Brasilia
ColombiaBrasiliaPeople’s Republic ChinaBeijing
CongoCairo, IstanbulPeople’s Republic of KoreaBeijing, Sophie
Costa Rika *BrasiliaPeruBrasilia, Madrid
CubaBrasilia, SophiePhilippineBeijing
Dominican RepublicBrasilia, New YorkQatarDoha
EcuadorBrasiliaRuandaCairo, Istanbul
EritreaCairoSalvador *London
EthiopiaCairoSao Tome PrincipeLondon
FijiLondon, TokyoSaudi ArabiaRiyadh
GabonCairo, RomeSenegalCairo, Istanbul, Paris
GeorgiaAnkara, IstanbulSeychelles *Cairo
GhanaCairo, RomeSierra LeoneCairo, London
GibraltarMadridSomaliCairo, Riyadh
Guatemala *BrasiliaSouth AfricaRome, London
GuineaCairo, IstanbulSri LankaBeijing
GuyanaBrasilia, RomeSt .Kitts and Nevis *Tokyo, London
HaitiBrasilia, New YorkSudanCairo
Honduras *Brasilia, New YorkSurinameBrasilia
Hong Kong, China *BeijingSyriaCairo, Istanbul
IndiaBeijingTajikistanAnkara, Moscow
IndonesiaBeijingTanzaniaCairo, Istanbul
IranAnkara, IstanbulThailandBeijing
IraqAnkara, IstanbulTogoCairo, Istanbul
Ivory CoastLondonTrinidad TobaccoLondon
JamaicaLondon, New YorkTunisiaCairo, Istanbul
JordanCairoTurkey *Ankara, Istanbul
Kazakhstan*Ankara, MoscowTurkmenistanAnkara, Istanbul, Moscow
KenyaCairoUgandaCairo, Istanbul
KirgizstanAnkara, MoscowUnitedArabEmiratesAbu Dhabi
KuwaitKuwaitUruguay *Brasilia, Rome
LebanonCairo, IstanbulUzbekistanIstanbul, Moscow
LesothoCairo, IstanbulVenezuela *Brasilia, Rome
LibyaCairo, IstanbulYemenRiyadh, Abu Dhabi
Macao *BeijingZambiaCairo, Istanbul
MadagascarCairo, IstanbulZimbabweCairo, Istanbul
*Please note that if you didn’t find your country in this list you can apply in the nearest Albanian Embassy with your

STEPS -Residence permit for self employment reasons

STEPS -Family Reunion

Information on applying for a residence permit for family reunification purposes
According to Law no. 108, dated 28.03.2013 “On aliens”, the alien intending to preserve the family unit, whether the family relationship arose before or after the entry of the resident in the Republic of Albania, in the case of family reunification of the alien.

STEPS – Humanitarian grounds

The alien who seek to be issued with a residence permit in the Republic of Albania, shall lodge an application with the local authority responsible for border and migration to obtain a residence permit for humanitarian grounds

STEPS -Study purposes

The alien who has entered and willing to stay in the territory of the Republic of Albania for study purposes in a public or private educational institution, is granted with the right to apply for a residence permit, according to the general requirements as per articles 34, 37 and 38 of Law No. 108/2013 “On foreigners”.


A foreigner who has entered and resides in the Republic of Albania for professional, commercial and business purposes has the right to apply for a residence permit, in accordance with the general criteria set forth in Law No. 108/2013 on Foreigners.

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